YONSEI UNIVERSITY School of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Beginning of Contents

Vision and Mission

Yonsei University Educational Objectives

Yonsei University focuses on cultivating Christian leaders who have learned truth and freedom spirit through teaching and learning according to the founding philosophy, and by harmonizing with Christian doctrine and conducting higher education in accordance with the educational philosophy of Korea, It aims to nurture competent leaders.

Aims of Educational Technology

  • International engineering to challenge the world
  • Leadership Engineer with Management Capability
  • Creative engineers with advanced engineering knowledge and problem-solving skills

School of Social Environment System Engineering

The School of Social and Environmental Systems Engineering seeks to harmonize the natural environment with the sustainable development environment based on the educational objectives of Yonsei University and the educational goals of the College of Engineering. Therefore, it develops the knowledge to design, construct and maintain the social infrastructure related to the basic and essential social environment system in the development of civilization in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly manner. The goal is to cultivate creative engineers, advanced researchers and leaders of next-generation technology policy that can lead the 21st century information society in pursuit of high added value, knowledge accumulation, specialization, informationization and diversification.
  • Promote basic and professional knowledge and creativity through efficient curriculum composition
  • Development of application ability and practical adaptability ability through rationalization of education method
  • Educate engineers who are leading the information age with an international sense

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