YONSEI UNIVERSITY School of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Beginning of Contents

2002.03 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
2000.03 "Civil Engineering-40 year" is published
1998.10 School of Civil, Urban and architectural Engineering founded
1995.11 Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Urban planning and Engineering
1995.11 School of Civil and Urban Engineering founded as a joint Program of?
1985.03 "Civil Engineering-25 year" is published
1977.03 College of Engineering organized from College of Science and Engineering.
1971.03 1971. 3. Ph. D. program opened.
1962.12 Department of Civil Engineering formed from Department of Construction Engineering.
1962.01 M.S. program opened.
1960.03 First admission in 3 majors of civil, architectural,and mechanical engineerings.
1958.12 Department of Construction Engineering founded.

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