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Yun Mook Lim Yun Mook Lim
Professor & Director of InnoMS Lab.
Chair of Department
Dept. of Civil & Environ. Engineering,
College of Engineering,
Yonsei University
Welcome to the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Yonsei University. The department have been together every moment to raise the stature of today’s construction in Korea since the beginning of the Korean construction industry, which played a crucial role in the economic development of Korea. We are currently doing all our best for education and research with passion to contribute to the development of the construction industry in the world beyond the boundaries of the Republic of Korea, considering the future of the construction industry.

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering in Yonsei University educates the pivotal leaders in the construction industry that provide the most fundamental infrastructure for human life in the world at the age of infinite competition. The outstanding graduates play a role in planning and managing the living foundation, from policy-making, construction, and life cycle management through infrastructure-based infrastructure design and planning, economic analysis. Therefore, the civil and environmental engineering is a very broad and comprehensive discipline required not only for technology, economics, social literacy, but also human cultivation.

"Engineering" is a way to develop technology and offer solutions for the benefit of mankind, and as "what" is defined, detailed majors are distinguished. The Civil and Environmental engineering, unlike other engineering, is not a mass production but a discipline that makes a “singular item”. It has a big impact on the quality of human life than other engineering. The human life is 100 years at the top, but generally, the product we made may be used for 10 years. We however confront the infrastructure made by civil engineers for at least 100 years from being used or preserved for over 2000 years. It is noted that this is the difference between the civil engineering that we are studying and other engineering fields. In other words, the civil engineering can be regarded as a study that goes beyond the length of our lives and provides benefits for the present and future humanity.

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering has been educating the leaders and experts who work in the field of policy making, economic analysis, procurement, engineering design, construction, maintenance and inspection, and research development

For future civil engineers who dream and prepare for tomorrow ...

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